Friday, January 25, 2013

The Last 100 Miles

Dear Friends and Family,
Last week our family completed the last hundred miles of our 500 day journey around the world.  From the sunny dry plains of Kalocsa, Hungary to the rainy mountains of Baguio, Philippines and on to the snow covered foothills of the Wenatchee Valley God has been faithful.  While our journey had its highs and lows God never stopped showing new things and teaching us hard lessons.  Everywhere we went we found the joy of being with God’s people. The friendships we formed bring joy to our hearts when we think and pray for our friends in the world.
Now God is starting us on a new Journey as I begin as the Family Life Pastor at Eastmont Community Church in East Wenatchee.  After just two days of work, I am finding great joy in what God is laying before me.  I am excited to serve the community here and preach the Gospel with more zeal and joy than ever before.  If  you think to pray for me, please pray that God would help me to lead out of a deep sense of His sovereign will.  Pray that I might remember daily that Christ in me is greater than any challenges to ministry I might face.
Calvin and Muriel had their third first day of school this year.   They have been such troupers as we have asked a lot of them over the past years.  While traveling and starting over has been a challenge, they are also so thrilled to have made so many new friends and seen so many wonderful things in the world.  I would ask that you keep them in your prayers as they make the adjustment to a new town, church and school.
Heidi is also excited about what God has for her here in Wenatchee.   She is running a half-marathon in April and will be looking for some part time work.  I would ask that you would lift her up in prayer as she also makes big adjustments to our new home and life.
I could not in a few words describe how faithful God has been to us over the past eighteen months.  The faithfulness of people’s support in prayer and giving toward our family has been a wonderful reminder of the faithfulness of God.  When I left my position as the youth pastor at Warm Beach I had many thoughts about what God was going to do through our family overseas.  As I glance in the rearview mirror I am realizing that while God used us in many ways, His primary purpose was to do a much deeper work in us that needed to be done.  God’s amazing providence and sovereign will over our lives amazes me more every year that passes by, and this past year was no exception.
Again, thank you for your support and love,
We look forward to staying in touch,
In Christ,